Dividend and Rates

We share our profits with our members each year. Subject to the terms and conditions of your account you’ll receive your dividend annually each December based on the performance of the credit union in the previous year. The dividend rate is decided by our members at our Annual General Meeting based on recommendations from our Board.

Previous dividend payments

2016 1%
2015 1.5%
2014 1.5%
2013 2.5%
2012 3%
2011 3%
2010 3.25%
2009 3%

ISA savings rates for 2016/17

ISA accounts receive a return paid annually in April each year. ISA rates of return can vary from month to month throughout the year and we will update this page with the dividend rate to be paid each month.

April 2016  1.25%
May 2016  1.25%
June 2016  1.25%
July 2016  1.25%
August 2016  1.00%
September 2016  1.00%
October 2016  1.00%
November 2016  1.00%
December 2016  1.00%
January 2017  1.00%
February 2017  1.00%
March 2017

The ISA return paid at the end of the 2015/16 tax year was calculated at the following historical rates.

6th April 2015 until 30th June 2015 1.50%
1st July 2015 until 5th April 2016 1.25%

We are no longer taking new subscriptions for our ISA account but members who already have an ISA subscription can contribute up to £13,500 in the tax year 2015/16. Remember, the maximum you can deposit with the credit union across all accounts in any financial year is a total of £7,500 lump sum deposits plus a maximum £500 regular payments each month (totalling £13,500).  A member’s collective savings balance is not permitted to exceed the FSCS limits in operation at the time.

View our ISA account Terms and Conditions

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