Help us to help more

Are you a passionate credit union member who’s always enthusiastic about raising awareness of Glasgow Credit Union to your work colleagues?

If so, then why not get rewarded for the good work you already do and sign up to become a Workplace Ambassador!

What’s involved in becoming a Workplace Ambassador?

As a Workplace Ambassador, you’ll help us to increase awareness of the credit union within your own work. This can involve:

  • Placing posters on workplace notice boards.
  • Forwarding on email communications to staff (where permitted)
  • Requesting workplace visits for staff via a dedicated email address.
  • Advising the credit union of new worker recruitment drives in the workplace.
  • Outlining the benefits of membership to new members of staff.
  • Advising us on ways to increase visibility/awareness in the workplace e.g. staff intranet.
  • Provide feedback and opinions via organised focus groups.

On becoming a Workplace Ambassador, we’ll send you a welcome kit and help support you to increase awareness in anyway we can.

Rewards and recognition

As well as helping your credit union to grow, we have some exclusive benefits to reward you for volunteering to be a Workplace Ambassador and make the experience more engaging. As a Workplace Ambassador, you will:

  • Receive a welcome kit to get you started.
  • Be invited to exclusive Workplace Representative events.
  • Receive a bi-monthly communication exclusively for Ambassadors that provides sneak peeks at new products/ services or changes to the credit union.
  • Have access to exclusive competitions for Workplace Ambassadors and the chance to earn points and win cash prizes.

How do I become a Workplace Ambassador?

If you are in the position to help promote credit union services and products to your work colleague, then please sign up to be a Workplace Ambassador using the short form below.