Junior Savings Accounts

Everyone knows that it makes sense to save, and the earlier you start – the better.

To help encourage your children or grandchildren to save, we developed our Junior Savings Account, for children from birth up to 16 years of age.

If you are a parent, guardian or grandparent of a child, and are a member of the credit union then you can open a Junior Savings Account to start them on their savings journey.

Key features

  • Save between £1 to £500 each month* by Direct Debit or from your salary (if you work for one of our Employer Partners)
  • The Junior Member will be kept up-to-date with their account with an annual statement
  • The account earns the same competitive dividend as our regular savings account, paid in December each year
  • Sign up for balance updates to let you know how much you’ve saved. Find out more on our Text Updates page.
  • Free Piggy Bank gift and we’ll donate £1 to Yorkhill Children’s Charity for each Junior Account opened

*£500 is the total amount per month that you can save across all your credit union savings accounts.  For your child to be eligible for our Junior Savings Account you must already be a member and maintain a regular savings account.

Download the application form today

Junior Savings Account Application Form


  • All our savings accounts are designed for regular deposits by Direct Debit or from salary deduction.
  • Lump sums can also be made into the account (up to a total of £7,500 in any Glasgow Credit Union financial year). If you would like to make a one off deposit to your account call us on 0141 274 9933 to discuss how best to make the payment.
  • View our Junior Savings Account Terms and Conditions


If you’d like to speak to us about any of our services, call us on 0141 274 9933