The best birthday present ever!

Elizabeth Monks got a very welcome phone call from the credit union on February 17th.  It started with us wishing her a happy birthday, and then we told her she’d won first prize in February’s Big G Lottery draw!  She’s now the proud owner of a BRAND NEW CAR!

Elizabeth, who’s been a member of the credit union for over 10 years, works as a Home Carer for one of our largest Employer Partners, Cordia.

Members of Glasgow Credit Union have been able to take part in a lottery, now called The Big G Lottery for over 20 years, and in that time we’ve given away nearly 100 new cars and hundreds of thousands of pounds in cash.

A lottery draw takes place on the third Wednesday of every month.  There are 14 prizes ranging from £50 to the top prize of a brand new car.  Tickets cost £1 each (maximum of 10 tickets per member).

If you would like to join The Big G Lottery, download and application form today.  You never know – maybe you’ll be as lucky as Elizabeth and win BIG on your birthday!

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