Summer Quiz Winner

Congratulations to Paul McGroarty – the lucky winner of our summer themed quiz. Paul has been a Glasgow Credit Union member for over 3 years and plans on using his £250 Barrhead Travel voucher to book a short getaway later in the year. Pictured above from left to right – Holly Rodgers (Barrhead Travel Affinity Manger), Paul McGroarty (winner), and Paul Rytel (Glasgow Credit Union Business Development Executive).

Thank you to everyone who entered the quiz! The correct answers are highlighted below:

1. Scotland’s highest ever temperature was recorded at Greycrook in the Scottish Borders when the mercury touched 32.9 °C (91.2 °F) on the 9th of August of which year?
1977              1985              1995                       2003

2. In 2016, Glasgow International Airport celebrated its 50th anniversary. How many passengers travelled through their doors in 2016?
9.4 million           3.7 million              5.7 million                 7.4 million

3. On which Hebridean island is the airport on a beach?
South Uist           Barra            North Uist            Benbecula

4. Which Spanish costa is located north of Barcelona?
Costa Brava          Costa Blanca         Costa Dorada              Costa Del Sol

5. Which group had a Top 10 hit with Summer Sunshine in 2004?
U2             The Corrs          Steps                 Travis

6. On which date does the Summer Solstice occur?
26th March         26th July          31st May          21st June

7. The Summer Isles are an archipelago belonging to which country?
Canada              Australia                    Scotland                     New Zealand

8. Which of the following awareness days/weeks does not take place in the summertime?
National Fish and Chips Day
National Sandwich Day
National Picnic Week
National BBQ Week

9. Which of these ingredients does a summer pudding contain?
Bread              Potatoes               Pasta                     Rice

10. How many players compete in a professional beach volleyball game?
5                    3                    4                        2

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