Plans for growth

Plans for growth

Our newly appointed Chief Executive is almost a month into the role and already has exciting plans for the growth and development of our credit union.

With significant landmark events approaching, such as our 50,000th member and our 30th anniversary, David is keen to build on the success of the last three decades while maintaining the high levels of service our members expect. David is also working alongside the Board to ensure Glasgow Credit Union’s long-term growth and sustainability, taking into account environmental, economic, cultural, social, technological and political factors.

David stated, “Central to current and projected growth, we must ensure we have a skilled workforce in place to meet the requirements that come hand in hand with being the largest credit union in the UK. To support our growing membership, increased regulatory demands and technological advances, we will soon be announcing a number of exciting opportunities to join the team and maintain our place at the forefront of the industry.

In response to member feedback, vacancies will be posted on our website – keep an eye out for these opportunities in the coming weeks!”

For more information, visit our vacancies page.

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