Member Survey and Prize Draw

Glasgow Credit Union giving

The Board of Directors

Glasgow Credit Union is led by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected from within our membership.

We continue to face increasing pressure from enhanced regulation, which is right and proper to protect members’ assets, but this also means the credit union needs to continue to adapt and evolve to meet these demands. Whilst the mutual ethos of the credit union must remain and we will continue to be directed by members, the role of a director continues to change at pace and involves more time commitments and increased responsibility.

One of the main responsibilities of the Board is to ensure that as a collective, the Board have the skills to meet the increasing demands of providing effective direction for the credit union as required by our regulators. To achieve this, and to ensure their continuing professional development, each Director has committed to undertaking an ongoing programme of training. Additionally, we will complete an annual skills audit to ensure we always have the best people as Directors. This year, we identified some skill gaps and have co-opted three specifically skilled Directors who will be seeking election at this year’s AGM. Visit our website for brief bios of all our Directors.

Member survey

The Board were encouraged by the response to our survey last year and the positive changes that this has brought to how we govern the credit union. To prepare us for the next AGM we put together another short member survey. All members who completed the survey and chose to leave contact details were entered into our prize draw, which took place on the 24th of August.

We are pleased to announce the winner, Kathryn Hilland, who was surprised and delighted to win £100!

Thank you all for taking the time to share your opinions.

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