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Even the best bargain hunters would agree – holidays abroad can be expensive, but a little forward planning can save you some serious money, and ensure that you’re not left shelling out for unexpected expenses while you’re away.  Here are our top tips for helping your holiday get off to a sunny start:

Forward planning

Make sure you take into account all the extra expenses involved in a holiday – things like insurance, spending money, transfers and holiday outfits.  If you’ve still got time to save for your break then our savings accounts can help you reach your target, or if you need a little extra help then you may want to consider a personal loan.  The amount you can borrow isn’t limited by how much you have in savings or how long you’ve been a member, and even if you have an existing loan you may be able to top-up.


As soon as your holiday is booked, make sure you get your travel insurance sorted – that way you’ll be covered if you’re forced to cancel your holiday.  Some bank accounts or club memberships offer free travel insurance as a perk, so check to see if you are already covered – but make sure your policy is suited to you and your holiday.  Does it cover you for all the activities you plan to take part in while you’re away?  Will it cover any expensive personal belongings or large amounts of foreign currency you might take?

What to take

Excess baggage can end up costing you a fortune, so think carefully before you pack your bags.  Travel size toiletries will help reduce the weight of your bag, but can cost almost the same as the full size products so instead of buying, why not get your hands on some empty mini bottles and decant your favourite products into these?

If you’re travelling with small children, check whether your airline allows you to check- in a car seat or buggy for free in addition to your regular luggage – several do, and this could save ££ on the cost of hiring one from a car rental company.

Airport parking

If you’re planning on driving to the airport and leaving your car, make sure you book parking in advance – there are some good discounts to be had from sites like  Even if you book online on the day of travel you’ll still save cash compared to the rates you’ll get if you pull-up, park and pay.

Spending money

When budgeting for spending money, make sure you take tipping etiquette into account.  In the US, employees in the hospitality and service industries are paid a lower wage based on the assumption that they’ll receive tips, so leaving a tip of around 15 to 20% in restaurants  and bars is normal, and you’ll also be expected to tip taxi drivers and hotel staff around 10%.  If you’re booking a cruise, find out if the cost of tips are included in the package as it’s customary to tip staff at the end of your holiday.

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