Directors Academy Launches

Directors Academy Launches

Update from David Ross, CEO

Following on from our previous updates introducing the Glasgow Credit Unions’ first ever Directors Academy, I am delighted to confirm that after an extremely successful recruitment process, I can now introduce you to the seven participants who have accepted places on the Directors Academy.

Of the fifty-three members noting an interest, thirty-four applications were received, and these were reviewed using a predefined process designed in such a way that it was fair for applicants from any background.

A short-list of seventeen candidates was identified and interviewed, with interviewers assessing each candidate against a matrix of skills, knowledge, experience and behaviours evident during the interview.

The interview panel consisted of Kenny Gough (a serving Board Member representing Nominations and Remunerations Committee), David Ross (Chief Executive Officer) and Trace Peckett (independent interviewer).

Throughout the recruitment process, it was very clear that the applicants value the credit union as an ethical business which has values that align with their own; is a financial institution which invests time and energy into providing financial education and is a business which is visibly passionate about contributing to and making a difference for both its members and community.

I’m delighted that all seven candidates who were offered a place have accepted, and we have an extremely diverse group of talented individuals passionate about being involved in our credit union.

This has been an overwhelming response to our first ever Directors Academy and we are keen to embrace the wider applicants who have demonstrated a desire to be involved.

We have therefore invited individuals to be involved in Member Focus Groups, which will concentrate initially on the Rulebook and a newly introduced Member Advisory Group which will allow us to leverage specific skills from our members happy to contribute to the evolution of Glasgow Credit Union.

The Directors Academy will launch on 3rd July with our Board Chairperson welcoming the participants onboard.

Thereafter the participants will be involved in a varied development program which includes three courses run in conjunction with the Institute of Directors (IOD), self-learning, group learning sessions and Sponsor check-ins. The participants will also have the opportunity to observe a board and/or sub-committee meeting prior to graduating in September.

As this is the first ever Directors Academy, we hope to learn from our participants and take onboard feedback which will allow further development of the model for future intakes, and with a view of possibly extending this beyond our own credit union.

I look forward to sharing further updates with you as the Directors Academy progresses, and for now, I would like to introduce you to the participants. I’m sure you will share with me in wishing them every success.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all members who have taken the time to enquire or apply for the Directors Academy and who will become involved in Member Focus Groups and Member Advisory Groups, all of which will be an invaluable contribution to the credit union.

Kind regards,

David Ross
Chief Executive Officer

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