Board Chairperson’s Update

Board Chairperson Brian Davidson

Board Chairperson’s Update – September 2019

Dear members,

I am breaking with tradition here by interjecting this update into our normal annual calendar of member communications. I am doing this because I wanted to keep members up to date with some significant matters that impact us all as members and some of which we will need to deal with at the forthcoming 2019 AGM.

My philosophy here is “no surprises” and so in this update, I will share some insights with you around:
• A review of our Governance model
• Directors recruitment
• Rulebook modernisation
• Operating challenges
• Directors Academy; and
• Social & community matters

You can find my full update within the ‘Credit Union Updates‘ page of the members’ area. I hope that you find this update useful and if you have any questions arising from it please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] and I will endeavour to answer your questions as swiftly as possible.

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