With the rising cost of petrol and diesel impacting many drivers, we’ve put together our five top tips on how to help increase your fuel efficiency and save you money.

1. Shop around for fuel

It might sound obvious, but many of us fall into the convenience trap of using the same petrol station week-in week-out. To keep up to date with the cheapest places to buy fuel, check out websites like petrolprices.com, which allow you to search for forecourts in your area to compare prices.

2. Keep your weight down

The weight of your car that is!

The more weight your car is carrying, the more it costs to run. Remove your roof rack if you’re not using it, and the next time you open your boot, have a look to see what you can take out before you start your journey. Do you really need to take those golf clubs/deckchairs/bags that you haven’t quite got round to taking to charity everywhere you go?

3. Check your tyre pressure

When your tyres are under inflated, more of the surface area of the tyre is in contact with the road, causing drag. Check your tyre pressure regularly and top-up when needed to stay safe and reduce your fuel costs.

4. Think about how you’re heating and cooling your car

Air con and heaters use engine power. Increased engine power = increased fuel, so have a think about whether you really need to use either – especially if you’re fuel light has come on and you’re running on fumes!

5. Change your driving style

The harder you press your accelerator, the more fuel you use. By keeping your driving smooth, accelerating gently, and easing off the gas early when coming to a stop – you’ll use less fuel and become a more zen driver!

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