Better off saving with Glasgow Credit Union…

Did you know it’s estimated around 70 million cups of coffee are consumed everyday across the UK with the majority being purchased from a coffee shop*?

If you’re a regular high street caffeine consumer then the cost of this daily treat will soon add up over the year. Let’s imagine an average cup of coffee is around £2.00. That’s £10.00 per week if you were to buy one each working day. Over the course of a year that’s £520. If you could cut back to just two per week, and save what you would have spent on coffee with Glasgow Credit Union you could be £312 better off per year- enough to buy a new tablet or T in the park tickets for the full weekend.

You’ll also be better off with the added benefits on our savings account including:

  • Access to your account 24 hours a day 365 days a year by phone or online
  • An annual dividend paid each year on your savings
  • Free Life Savings Insurance (terms and conditions apply)
  • Save regularly on a day that suits by Direct Debit or direct from your salary if you work for one of our  90 payroll partners

Opening an account is easy. Simply complete our online application form or download an Employer Partner payroll application form  (if your work for one of our existing Employer Partners) today. The sooner you start saving with Glasgow Credit Union, the better off you’ll be!

Better off borrowing with Glasgow Credit Union…

How long do you think it would take to clear a credit card balance of £1,500 if you only repay the minimum repayment each month?  1 year?…5 years?…10 years?

The startling truth is that it would actually take 21 years and 7 months, and would cost a total of £3,389 to repay in full!#(based on an average interest rate of 17.9%, minimum monthly repayment of 1% of the balance plus interest or £5.00 – whichever is greater).

Why not plan ahead and finance your purchase with Glasgow Credit Union loan and you could save money! Example:. £1,500 borrowed over 12 months at an interest rate of 12.9% APR, would cost you a total of £1,600.88 to repay in full. Therefore you would have cleared the loan in one year and be £1,788.12 better off than in the example above!

You’ll also be better off with the added benefits on our loan products:

  • Borrow straight away – you don’t have to be a member for any set time before applying
  • Save at the same time as repaying your loan. We make sure you save at least ten pounds on top of your loan payment – making sure that you’ll be better off by the time you clear your loan
  • Free Loan Protection insurance – your loan is cleared in the event of your death (terms and conditions apply)
  • No admin fees, no set up fees and no early repayment fees

Borrowing with Glasgow Credit Union is easy. Use our loan calculator to work out the best loan for you. Apply online or over the phone.

Better off buying with Glasgow Credit Union…

Did you know that Glasgow Credit Union has helped over 700 Glaswegians into their own homes?

From first point of contact on a mortgage enquiry, you get to deal with the same adviser right through to the day you move into your new home – giving the process a much more personal touch.  Time and time again, members tell us that what they value most is our great service. That’s why we introduced our Mortgage Guarantee, to set out the level of service that you can expect from us. We’re so confident in our service that if we don’t deliver we’ll pay you £100!

Better off communities with Glasgow Credit Union…

What does a care home for elderly people and a youth centre have in common?  The answer is that they’ve both benefited from a donation from the credit union’s Giving Glasgow charitable giving fund which helps improve our community.

One of our key social goals is to have a positive impact within the communities in which we operate. Giving Glasgow is a charitable programme which allows us to do so, by donating a share of our funds profits to worthwhile causes that enhance our communities or make lives better for young, vulnerable or excluded people. Last year we allocated Giving Glasgow £30,000 to donate to worthwhile causes throughout the city and we encourage all members to help us by nominating organisations that you think would benefit from a donation.

*Source: Daily Telegraph