What makes us different?

Glasgow Credit Union is the largest and most successful credit union in the UK with over 50,000 members. We offer loans, savings and mortgages and our services are exclusively available to people who live or work within the Glasgow ‘G’ postcode area.

Although the products we offer are similar to those you’d find at a bank, our ethos is very different.  We’re a financial mutual, which means that we are owned by our members. Every member has an equal say on matters that affect the credit union – via voting at our Annual General Meetings – and our Board of Directors are elected from within the membership.

Members are our only shareholders, so when the credit union is successful, we share this success with them in the form of an annual dividend. This is paid on savings, or an interest rebate on loan and mortgage interest, or both!  We are pleased to say that we’ve paid a dividend to members every year since we were established in 1989. This is a true reflection of our success over the years.

As well as being a financial mutual, we’re also a social enterprise – so our over-arching ethos is to improve our community through financial empowerment and education. We’re committed to working with local organisations and employers to increase financial awareness in the wider community. This can be seen in our Giving Glasgow work with local charities and good causes, as well as our work with local businesses.

Working with our Community

Giving Glasgow

Each month we donate to local charities and good causes through our charitable fund, Giving Glasgow. In the past four years, we have donated over £60,000 to local charities and good causes. We encourage all members and non-members to submit nominations. To find out more and make a nomination today, visit our Giving Glasgow page.

Employer Partners 

One of our objectives is to promote financial wellbeing and empowerment throughout the Glasgow area. Our Employer Partner scheme is just one way we succeed in doing so. We currently work with over 100 employers from the greater Glasgow area, giving their employees access to easy savings, loans and mortgages. By becoming an employer partner, every employee that works for you can save directly from their wage. This, alongside our financial wellbeing presentations, can help support good money management and reduce stress and absenteeism commonly associated with poor money management. To find out more, check out our Employer Partner page.

Financial Education

We have been promoting financial education since we opened in 1989, but over the past 10 years, we regularly hold financial education events in primary schools and high schools across the Glasgow area. In doing so, we hope that future generations will be capable of making healthy financial decisions throughout their lives. Check out our financial education page for more information.