Whether you’re borrowing for a summer holiday or saving for a rainy day, here are 5 ways Glasgow Credit Union could help manage your finances:

1. The easiest way to save

Everybody knows that saving is a good idea, but getting around to setting up a savings plan – that sounds like hard work!

Glasgow Credit Union makes it easy, allowing you to pay into your savings account on a regular basis via Direct Debit, or if you work for one of our 100+ Employer Partners, via payroll deduction.  You can save between £10 and £500 per month, and because we’re covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) you know your money is just as safe as with a UK bank or building society.

We also offer a Junior Savings Account to help you encourage your little ones to save.

2. An alternative lender with transparent rates

Searching for the best loan deal can be tricky and frustrating.  High street lenders advertise their best rates but can offer you a higher rate upon application, depending on how they rate your creditworthiness.

At Glasgow Credit Union, the rate we advertise is the rate you’ll get if your application is successful.  All our personal loan interest rates are fixed for the duration of your loan and there are no admin or early repayment fees.

3. Get your foot on the property ladder

As the largest credit union in the UK, Glasgow Credit Union’s scale and success means that we’re able to offer a wider range of products than you might expect – including mortgages.

We have a range of mortgages to suit all needs – from first time buyers, those looking to move home, or members simply looking to remortgage.

4. Make your debts manageable

If you’ve got balances on credit cards, store cards, loans with other lenders or even overdrafts, you’re probably managing several different repayments, all at different rates of interest, all at different dates throughout the month.

Our Consolidation Loan could help you combine these debts into one monthly repayment at a fixed rate, making it less stressful to manage.  You could even save money if your existing interest rates are higher than our Consolidation Loan rate.

5. Good for you – and for Glasgow

At first glance banks and credit unions seem quite similar, but look a little closer and you’ll find the two types of financial institution are very different.

One of the key differences is who benefits from the profits.  Banks use their profits to pay out to their investors, but at Glasgow Credit Union, when we’re successful, we share this success with our members.

We also invest back into the business to allow us to continuously improve products and services, and because we’re a social enterprise we believe in investing in our community.  We do this by providing financial education, and by supporting local charities and good causes.

We’re committed to working with members, local organisations,
and employers to increase financial awareness in the wider community.

For more hints and tips check out our Financial Wellbeing Hub,
which includes articles and guides covering everything from budgeting to getting onto the property ladder.

If you have any questions or would like help with any of our services, please contact us on 0141 274 9933.