Here are the charities and good causes that benefited from a Giving Glasgow donation in 2021:

St. Paul’s High School

Giving Glasgow made a £500 donation towards the food stall at St. Paul’s High School.

The school is based in the Pollok area of Glasgow and almost half of the 900 pupils that attend are entitled to free school meals. The rising cost of living is severely impacting many of their pupil’s families and the school offers an onsite food stall to help provide essential food and groceries to those in need.

Glasgow Golden Generation

We donated £500 to Glasgow’s Golden Generation (GGG), which has been supporting older adults across Glasgow since 1948. GGG’s aim is to ensure that no one suffers from the effects of poverty, isolation, or loneliness.

Their three day centres offer a befriending service, welfare and careline service, social club, and digital inclusion sessions.

This donation will help to support these services and provide hearty meals for their attendees.

Smithycroft High School

We donated £500 to Smithycroft Secondary School‘s breakfast club, which aims to improve health and well-being through a healthy breakfast, increase engagement and attendance, and reduce late coming.

This programme is open to all young people in the school in an attempt to remove the stigma of those who are normally financially or socially excluded. Through the provision of food and activities the programme is removing financial barriers and encouraging equality across the school.

Here are Murray and Megan – two of their Mental Health Ambassadors – receiving the cheque.

The Halliday Foundation

Giving Glasgow made a £500 donation to The Halliday Foundation, a charity working to reduce poverty and trauma for people at all stages of homelessness.

They supply food, clothing, fuel vouchers, essential household items, and deliver weekly food parcels. The donation will be used to provide 21 households with a seasonal food hamper for Christmas and New Year.

The Sikh Foodbank

The Sikh Foodbank relies on donations to provide food parcels to those who are destitute. Our donation of £500 will help the foodbank provide families living in Glasgow, who find themselves in poverty and unable to feed their children, with vital food parcels. The foodbank also link with the Glasgow Baby Bank to provide nappies, wipes etc. for families with babies.

The cheque was presented by Saoirse from St Patricks school in Anderston which is close to the foodbank. In her letter to Santa, Saoirse didn’t ask for toys or any of the latest gadgets, instead she asked for donations to the foodbank.

Beatson Cancer Charity

Beatson Cancer Charity is dedicated to ensuring people with cancer in the west of Scotland receive the best care and treatment possible.

One of the many services they offer is a hair and wig service, which provides dedicated hairdressing and wig-fitting rooms to help patients deal with hair loss due to cancer treatments.

Giving Glasgow donated £920 to help support the Beatson’s wig service.

Young Lives v Cancer

Giving Glasgow made a £500 donation to Young Lives vs Cancer to help support their Homes from Home project.

Homes from Home helps families to stay close to the hospital where their child is having treatment, and their Marion’s House facility is based in Glasgow.

Y people

Giving Glasgow made a £500 donation to Y people, a charity that supports people of all ages to make a positive change in their lives.

The donation will be used at their Glasgow based, young people’s supported accommodation centre, which provides an enhanced service to 26 young people aged between 16 and 26 who are in the unfortunate position of finding themselves homeless.

The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

The PPWH provides person-centred and family-focused palliative care and support.

They received a £500 donation to help them develop their Short Break Stay Service for young adults with a life limiting condition, who struggle to access appropriate short break stay in an age-appropriate environment.

The funds will be used to support and train existing staff to take on the new roles required for the Short Break Stay Service.

Helenslea Community Hall

Helenslea Community Hall is supported by volunteers and during lockdown they delivered outreach services, such as welfare check-in telephone calls and hot food deliveries to the most vulnerable residents in their community.

They continue to support their local community by offering free dance and football clubs to children. To help them in their work, they received a £500 donation from Giving Glasgow.

94th Glasgow Company Boys’ Brigade

The Shettleston based 94th Glasgow Boys’ Brigade’s aim is to encourage young men to reach their full potential and become good citizens. They encourage values of tolerance, empathy, consequential thinking, and community activity.

Many of the activities offered to the boys, have been put on hold due to COVID, but now that restrictions are easing the group is aiming to organise some outdoor activities for their members, many of whom come from deprived areas. The £500 Giving Glasgow donation will be used to fund these outings.

Bonnybroom Nursery

Bonnybroom Nursery received a donation of £1,000 from Giving Glasgow.

The nursery is based in the deprived, Barmulloch area of Glasgow and many of their children do not have access to outdoor space at home.

The funds will be used to create a safe outdoor area where children can learn about growing plants, and families will be invited to help care for the garden to promote a sense of community.

Sandyford Day Nursery

Sandyford Day nursery serves 107 children from the Anderson area of Glasgow.

The nursery is situated beside the busy M8 and Kingston bridge and has very little green space for their children to access and enjoy.

They received a £500 donation from Giving Glasgow to allow them to upgrade their outdoor space to make it safer and more accessible.

The Marie Trust

Since 2009, The Marie Trust charity has been serving the needs of the homeless and at-risk community. They predominantly work with people who are homeless, ex-offenders, and people affected by poor mental health and addiction.

They received a £1,000 donation from Giving Glasgow which will be used to help set up their Café and Training Kitchen. The new venture will help provide food to their service users as well as providing life skills and employment training.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic they have provided free food to over 90 people every day, with additional 60+ daily food deliveries.

The Jimmy Dunnachie Family Learning Centre

Based in the Arden area of Glasgow, the Jimmy Dunnachie Family Learning Centre supports 126 children and families.

To boost their outdoor learning, they are planning to improve their willow garden to add a small fruit and vegetable growing area, as well as a dedicated space to promote literacy and numeracy.

They received a £250 donation from Giving Glasgow to help support their outdoor learning plans – which they hope will help their children build friendships and develop confidence which is important for mental health and wellbeing.

Rosemount Lifelong Learning

The ‘Aim High’ young parents project works with 16 to 25 year old single parents across Glasgow, taking a strengths-based approach to empower young mums and dads to recognise their value.

After a long and difficult 18 months of Covid restrictions the project is keen to get back to being able to providing their parents with the opportunity to take part in family based activities.

Rosemount Lifelong Learning received a £250 donation from Giving Glasgow, which will be used to help fund a day trip for the families they support.

Scottish Autism

Autism is a lifelong developmental condition that affects the way a person communicates, interacts, processes information and socialises with others.

The charity Scottish Autism provides a range of services for children and adults including education, day and vocational opportunities and practical living support as well as offering information and advice for families and professionals.

They received a £750 donation from Giving Glasgow to help cover the cost of music, art and drama sessions for the autistic individuals they support.

Faifley Art Group

With lockdown restrictions easing, Faifley Art Group are now able to welcome back their members to restart their sessions. Many of the group’s members are pensioners on low incomes who have been isolating for over 15 months and the art group provides an opportunity for them to socialise with like minded people.

The group received a £300 donation from Giving Glasgow to allow them to buy new art materials, ensuring that their sessions stay accessible to all their members, regardless of their income.

Scottish Ethnic Minority Deaf Club (SEMDC)

Established in 1998 SEMDC provides a variety of specialist services and events for the Scottish deaf ethnic minority community. SEMDC is a registered charity and is the only club throughout Scotland that meets the needs of this often extremely isolated community who face multiple barriers throughout their everyday lives.

They received a £500 donation which will be used towards creating a bespoke money advice service which will help improve financial literacy skills within the community.

Denmilne Community Action Group

Denmilne Community Action Group is a non-profit volunteer group based in Easterhouse. The group aims to improve the wellbeing of their community, and is in the process of turning an unused piece of land into a community garden.

They received a £500 donation from Giving Glasgow, which will be used to help them create a seating area and a small play area for younger children, including a mud kitchen, sand pit, play house and sensory wall.

Cancer Support Scotland

Based in Glasgow within the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre Campus , Cancer Support Scotland have been supporting the wellbeing of those affected by cancer for over 40 years.

They offer wellbeing services – primarily counselling, ‘Here for You’ wellbeing calls, and stress management workshops – to those affected by cancer to help improve their mental and physical wellbeing and enable them to live well.

They received a £1,000 donation from Giving Glasgow.

Southern Sound Hospital Radio

Southern Sound Hospital Radio received a Giving Glasgow donation of £250 towards new audio equipment and a UV sanitiser. The radio station had to close for 18 months due to the pandemic but managed to keep broadcasting to entertain the patients and staff of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital by pre-recording shows in presenters’ homes. They studio is now open again and thanks to the Giving Glasgow donation will get some much-needed upgrades.

Speech Bubble

Giving Glasgow made a £500 donation to Glasgow based charity, Speech Bubble. The organisation delivers speech centred drama workshops specifically for young people aged 5-24 with physical disabilities impacting on their speech.

Communication and the ability to express themselves is vital to everyone but particularly for young people. Speech Bubble uses traditional theatrical vocal techniques in a fun drama workshop environment to encourage their young people to use the ‘best voice’ they have.

Friends of Springburn Park

Giving Glasgow made a £1,000 donation to the Friends of Springburn Park, a volunteer run charity who manage the Community Village within the park. Their volunteers run a community café and provide free lunches for children living in this area of high deprivation. The cafe is well used by the local community, fitness groups as well as older, more isolated members of the community.

The donation will be used to improve their kitchen facilities.

St. Thomas’ Primary School Parent Council

St. Thomas’ Primary School Parent Council received a £1,000 donation from Giving Glasgow to help them improve learning opportunities and the health and wellbeing of the pupils.

The donation will be spent on creating a quiet library area where the 440 children who attend the school can go to read and enjoy books out with their classroom.

The Hope Project

The Hope Project supports people with Sickle Cell anaemia, a disease most prevalent in people of African, Afro-Caribbean, Asian and Mediterranean Heritage. Beside the burden of the condition, people affected by Sickle Cell suffer rejection, prejudice and are often at times stigmatised.

The organisation received a £500 donation from Giving Glasgow to help them provide respite for the carers and family members of those those suffering from Sickle Cell anaemia.

Kelbourne Park School and Nursery

Giving Glasgow made a £1,000 donation to Kelbourne Park School and Nursery.

The school is based in Maryhill and provides education to children with additional support needs.

The donation will be used to buy a sensory spinner, which is a piece of outdoor play equipment that will encourage children into the garden.

Castlemilk Gardening Association

Giving Glasgow made a £250 donation to Castlemilk Gardening Association to allow them to purchase seeds, compost and tools for their members.

The club was set up over 30 years ago, and since then they have helped to support the Castlemilk community by providing recreational gardening activities and facilities. For many of their members, the club offers much needed social interaction as well as an opportunity to grow their own food.

Crookston Community Group

Crookston Community Group is a charity established in 2009 by a group of multi-cultural local people who wanted to tackle issues such as local crime, lack of opportunities, inability to access services, and extreme poverty within their community.

Their most recent campaign is called Holiday Hunger, which aims to combat childhood food insecurity. Giving Glasgow made a £500 donation to this campaign, which will help provide food parcels to children during school holidays.

Hunter School of Dance

Hunter School of Dance is a not-for-profit organisation based in a deprived area of Clydebank. There are 120 children who attend the school and 14 have been selected to represent Scotland at the 2021 Dance World Cup.

They received a £250 donation from Giving Glasgow which will be used to buy team tracksuits and costumes to allow the dancers to take part in the international competition.

Glasgow Street Aid

Glasgow Street Aid is a newly registered medical charity providing medical and welfare assistance in Glasgow city centre. Their volunteers work in the city centre on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening from 7:30pm to midnight and their aim is to take the pressure off our emergency services by providing urgent emergency care.

They received a £2,500 donation from Giving Glasgow which will be used towards the purchase of an ambulance. Having their own ambulance will allow them to have a clean place to treat patients and transport them to accident and emergency if necessary.

Scaraway Nursery

Based in the Milton area of Glasgow, Scaraway Nursery provides childcare for families in an area of high deprivation. As a result of the pandemic the nursery is working hard to provide extra support for their families.

They received a £1,500 donation from Giving Glasgow to provide essential food and clothing parcels to their most vulnerable families.

Aberlour Childcare Trust

Aberlour, supports children and families, many who come from some of our poorest communities. The families they work with face constant stress because of poverty-related issues, and Aberlour’s vision is that every child has the same opportunities to fulfil their potential, no matter their background.

They received a £1,000 donation towards their Urgent Assistance Fund which aims to get money into the pockets of those who need it quickly.  The funds will allow them to support more people across Glasgow, to enable them to provide their families with the basic essentials, such as food, heating and clothes.

Ronald McDonald House Glasgow

Celebrating their 25th anniversary this month, Ronald McDonald House Glasgow has been a lifeline for families of seriously ill children being treated at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow.

The charity provides free accommodation, close-by the hospital, to allow the families to stay near their sick children. The House has 31 twin rooms, and Giving Glasgow made a £1,200 donation to help them buy bedding and other essential resources to ensure that the rooms are comfortable, cosy and safe.

African Relief Support

A £1,000 donation was made to Glasgow based charity, African Relief Support.

The charity provides emergency food parcels, English classes and support to asylum seekers in Glasgow.

The donation will  be used to buy computers to allow them to hold online English classes with their service users.