Over 100 Employer Partners and growing…

We now work with over 110 organisations, large and small, from a variety of industry sectors.

Each of our Employer Partners provide their workforce with direct access to Glasgow Credit Union through salary deduction (direct from your wage each payday), making saving and repaying loans or mortgages much easier. There is no cost involved in becoming an Employer Partner.

Ever wished managing your finances was easier?

With Glasgow Credit Union, it can be! We’re the largest and most successful credit union in the UK. Our main aim is to improve financial well-being and we do this by encouraging an ethos of saving and promoting good money management. As well as providing a range of savings accounts, we also offer access to low cost loans, mortgages, financial tools and guides.

Make financial well-being a focus within your workplace

According to the Money Advice Service, over 16 million people in the UK have savings of less than £100. With no savings buffer, the likelihood of falling back on short-term, high-cost debt (such as credit cards or overdrafts) increases. This in turn can lead to financial stress, sleepless nights and difficulties in concentration which can all have an impact on a persons working life. Recent studies show that those with financial worries are almost 4 times more likely to feel anxious and be prone to panic attacks.

Introducing Glasgow Credit Union as a free staff benefit (as part of an overall employee well-being strategy) is the perfect solution to help combat these issues. By enabling employees to save direct from their salary, employers can remove any friction points which people site as their main reason for not saving i.e. too much hassle and not enough time. The simplicity of the account makes it easy for employees to sustain a regular savings habit whilst at the same time build their own financial resilience.

Become an Employer Partner today – it’s free and easy to set up

All employers can become an Employer Partner of Glasgow Credit Union and offer their workforce a unique benefit that’s already used by thousands across the city.

Setting up payroll deduction with us is a simple and straightforward process. Hear from some of our current partners who are already benefiting from partnership:

Yeeman Fan, HR Adviser for Blue Triangle Housing Association

Lorraine Gray, Operations Director for Pursuit Marketing

How to set up?

If your employer is not yet signed up and you would like to save via your salary then please contact your Personnel or Human Resource department and let them know about this FREE service.  Alternatively, you can contact us on 0141 274 5415 or [email protected]. We’ll organise the rest.

Here are just some of our Employer Partners currently offering their staff the benefits of credit union membership:


Contact us today to find out more about this free service!

Email [email protected] or call us on 0141 274 5415.